Teaching position as many claim

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Teaching position as many claim

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Realizes how absurd it is for an artist to be taught by someone he does not admire and appreciate. It implies a universitylevel theoretical support of their works which would instead need an honest and rigorous artistic rather than scientific critique. It entails many months if not years of wear and tear in compulsory overspecialized theoretical studies which should not occupy a creator but only a theoretician even if it is a fact that theoretical training is beneficial in the practice of an art. It entails a perception of competition in terms of ratings exposure and visibility. And if all this was done only to find a it would be understandable.

However the suspicion is removed that the pursuit of titles has more to do with their presence and existence in the artistic firmament since very soon without these titles they fear and perhaps not unjustly that they will not be socially and commercially accepted as e-commerce photo editing artists in the field . After all not many years ago a wellknown artistic organization announced an art competition requiring the participants to be graduates of Fine Arts Schools. They should worry about their resume more than the essence of their work after all they usually spend more hours on it than on it and enrich it with degrees and necessarily with some new activity every year.


They must have the support of at least one technical critic and curator and one journalist the gender distribution in this case corresponds to the usual reality. They have to convince a gallery whose owner or more often the owner rarely knows photography and constantly confuses it with painting which he usually values ​​more that it is worth opening its doors to them. These young photographers certainly have everything right on their side. Theoreticians university teachers international galleries allpowerful fashions have convinced them or even forced them that this alone is the right way. And in all this their photography occupies the smallest space and time.