The Lion chocolate bar brand lion logo

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The Lion chocolate bar brand lion logo

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We find jaguars, panthers and other leopards in the graphic representation of the brands. The lion is undoubtedly the strongest. Here are the main sectors that have used its symbolism and the examples of the most famous logos. custom logo creation on demand graphic designer freelance platform The automobile logo meaning brand mark An iconic brand, Peugeot has used the lion in its logo for 200 years. A symbol of reliability and power, the automotive brand has made it the icon of its brand and its cars robust, reliable, powerful. logo meaning brand graphic designer blog It's no wonder to see another car brand, Saab, hijack this symbol with a half-lion, half-dragon logo.

The sport Brands keen on the animal photo retouching service symbolism of the lion are also sports companies. logo meaning lion football brand Many sports clubs highlight the supremacy of the animal, its fierce and conquering side. In the sporting world the lion is a symbol of victoire courage strength dominance lion logo meaning blog graphic designerIn addition, the animal is easy to embody for a mascot at the edge of the grounds. The movie theater logo meaning lion brand blog graphic designer freelance Who doesn't have in mind the majestic lion that roars at the start of a Hollywood film. It is that of the American film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).


The movie company can be proud of having used the lion wisely in its logo. It became so famous that all of Hollywood took it over, supporting MGM's leadership role. meaning brand branding freelance graphic designerWe can say that the Nestlé company hit hard by using both the name and the image of the king of the savannah to represent its brand of chocolate bars. Here, it is rather the storytelling around the history of the animal that is exploited by the brand catchy slogans like “Roaring with Pleasure”; resolutely exotic and “wild” advertisements in the African savannah; an effective way to target a young target fascinated by the king of the jungle.