Attempt to photographically render

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Attempt to photographically render

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The previous remark of course does not concern the technical difficulties which are always sooner or later solved by any photographer with perseverance and a little knowledge. The problem arises from the fact that the real world and life have a fascination that hypnotizes the photographer and does not allow him to go beyond what his lens sees. If the photographer is therefore enchanted by a beautiful or majestic landscape he must have selfcontrol and photographic aim so as not to get caught up in an always doomed the given beauty. Because it is absolutely certain that the beauty of the world and of life will always surpass that of the photograph with the result that the latter acts as an occasion for mobilizing.

The memory and for indirectly deriving pleasure e-commerce photo editing from landscapes that the viewer knows and loves. After all this is also the by no means negligible function of postcards diaries or books that have as their content the beauty of natural landscapes and that usually include technically excellent and aesthetically pleasing beautiful photographs. No matter how much mastery the photographer invests in conveying his personal feeling from his physical presence in and in front of the landscape he can only render a lame and partial representation. Of course the solutions he can adopt to this problem are as many as the number of photographers. In general however they will all contain one of the following elements.


The concentration of interest in a seemingly insignificant detail that will refer keyword to the sense of the landscape or on the contrary the attempt to suggestively use second keyword a wider whole than that enclosed by the lens or to use antidotes third key word another point of photographic interest movement or finally to reconstruct fourth key word the space as if the photographer recreated the landscape himself. The best photos have more than one of these elements. And that's when we can talk about transcendental metaphor that is about the simultaneous belief that we see something familiar and something new and unique.