How to Brine a Turkey

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How to Brine a Turkey

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Are you looking to cook a turkey that is more tender, moist, and juicy? Well, brining a turkey may be the answer for you. So what is a turkey brine, and how do I brine a turkey?

In its simplest form a brine is nothing more than a solution of salt that has been dissolved in water. And to "brine" we are soaking the whole turkey in this brining solution. We are focusing today on brining a turkey, but brining a chicken is also very popular. The methods that I will explain can also be used when brining a chicken.

There are several explanations on how the science behind brining actually works and each side has very good arguments. I'm not a food scientist, and I also don't want to bore you with the different theories; what I'm going to cover is what you came here for; how to brine a turkey. Just understand regardless of the science behind brining the end result of soaking in this salt water solution is a meat that is more flavorful and moist in comparison to unbrined meat.

How to brine a whole turkey mobile number list

First thing you will need is a fresh turkey mobile number list, or a frozen turkey that has been thawed. If your turkey is still frozen, read up on how to thaw a turkey. If you purchased a kosher turkey, or a self basting turkey there is no need to brine, they have already been brined. Brining a turkey will take time. You will probably want to brine your turkey the day prior to cooking. On average you will want to brine your turkey for 1 hour per pound of turkey. If you bought a large turkey this will take some time.

The turkey needs to stay cold during the brining process to inhibit bacterial growth. It is best to brine your turkey in the refrigerator. Yes, it requires a lot of space, but if you can make it work, do it. If you just can't make the space in your refrigerator, a 5 gallon bucket, or better yet a cooler will work. You need to keep this brining solution at 40°F or below at all times, so you will need to add ice and keep a watch on the temperature during this brining process. The ice you add to the brine should be in sealed storage bags in order for it not to dilute the brining solution.

Turkey bags used for roasting turkeys can be used for brining, or your extra large storage bags will also work. I do believe you can even find places that specifically sell brine bags. Using a bag for brining is helpful if you are brining in your refrigerator because let's face it, not many of use have room in our frig for a 5 gallon bucket or other large containers.